Everyone always has sentences about hookah tobacco like I know. But the most important question should be this; how efficiently can you do what you think you know? I need everyone who has been interested in hookah tobacco to develop very well and even become conscious about it.

Our ‘I Know’ feeling can be dominant most of the time. So much so that including me on social media; we share with you about smoking techniques, accessories and tobacco. Even scientifically, we are involved and advise on smoking and making hookah tobacco. Occasionally, we even use foreign terms in making hookah tobacco. Sometimes it comes in candid comments; what is Khaloud or Fireproof and how should it be done? It is a troubling situation that we expect that people who are not involved in this, who smoke hookah at home, understand such terms. In your opinion; don’t we seem to give notes and messages in front of the mirror like one-man hookah tobacco experts? However, people like us should take this as a principle; what we have and will gain about hookah tobacco should be to gather all our savings in common consciousness and to offer you options. Because the correct/efficient use of hookah tobacco experience is important; first of all it requires effort, knowledge and love!

The hookah accessory we smoke, our hookah tobacco; its making and the taste of our palate definitely differs from person to person. On the other hand; While we are making hookah tobacco, we are doing many smoking tests like you. But at the end of the day, it is important that you can get efficiency from all kinds of aromas we offer you individually in healthy hookah accessories. In this exact sense, Kenzimen meets all your expectations. Kenzimen, inspired by you young people, is a gift to all hookah lovers and will be with you wherever you go.


Yours sincerely,