I would like to talk with you about the history of hookah tobacco, do not worry, I will not present an excerpt story!

Although it is claimed that the birthplace of hookah is India, it is obvious that it has no specific history. Perhaps the fact that India has a long history and the thought that the word ‘Nargil’ corresponds to the meaning of ‘coconut’ may have led us to believe that the hookah culture may have originated from the Indians. On the contrary, I think Arabs have fully embraced this sector, developed it and made it a universal culture. So much so that this universal culture found its place in very different geographies and started to be called by different names; hemp, cırak or tömbeki and finally flavored hookah tobacco today.

As a result of my meeting with a few companies producing hookah tobacco, it was the first time that hookah tobacco, in the form we know, started to be produced in Saudi Arabia and even first of all, it was introduced to the market with the flavors of Strawberry and Bahrain apple. According to the stories, hookah lovers who tried its flavored form thought it was jam and ate it. Sometimes I do feel the thought of eating it, you know!

Do you think such a universal culture is not like the productive ideas in human beings and the proof of the limitless potential of human beings? The sector we are in is the work of a dream. Here, we can get all these familiar flavors from a single leaf. We also find that harmonious flavored hookahs that come out of the love of compatible people.

I think history is not just about letters printed on a piece of paper, what matters is that it can make history, Kenzimen will continue to write history and the future in the land we are on.